What Makes Jinhai Floor ESD Tiles The Top Quality

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Jinhai floor is the leading esd tiles manufacturer in China. Since 1992, we focus on research, development and production of esd vinyl flooring. Our strict quality control and excellent products performance have been recognized by clients all over the world.

We are the long-term partner and appointed ESD flooring supplier of Samsung Electronic, Foxconn, 3M, Flex, Janssen, Huawei, etc. We support their jobs all over the world. Excellent and stable products performance is the base of everything to Jinhai Floor. Reasons include the following:

Electronic Resistance

Conductive carbon from Graphite, best domain quality.

Conductive particles throughout the whole tiles, homogeneous type.

Physical conduction principle, permanent conductivity

  1. Test Standard: ANSI/ESD STM97.2-2016

  2. Test Report: SZ 20031601 A (Full Test Report)

  3. Test Result: Human body voltage: <100 V (60 V)

  4. Test Standard: EN 1081

  5. Test System: Test for each production batch in factory lab

  6. Test Result: 2.5×104-106Ω

Dimensional Stability

Three automatic tempering lines, Independently developed and patented for ESD tiles.

Very high dimensional stability, no shrink after installation.

  1. Test Standard: ASTM F-2199-19(2014) & ISO 23999:2018

  2. Test Report: SHHL 1706029415 BM (Full Test Report)

  3. Test Result: Length & width direction: -0.01%


Wear Resistance

RHPP technology ensure compactness of tiles. Real wax free!

Without any surface treatment, P class surface wear resistance.

  1. Test Standard: EN 660-2:1999

  2. Test Report: GZIN 1902007348 CM (Full Test Report)

  3. Test Result: Class P

FloorScore Certification

DOTP plasticizer, full virgin materials. TVOC after days <10μg/m³.

Free of toluene, heavy metals or any toxic substances.

Jinhai floor is the only conductive PVC tile manufacturer who gets FloorScore Certification in China.

  1. Test Standard: EN 62321

  2. Test Report: SHAHG 1902942901 (Full Test Report)

  3. Test Result: RoHS Directive(%0.003)