What Are General Characteristics of Electrostatic Damage

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Static electricity is everywhere, and it will cause varies damage. Some have almost no effect, and some can cause major damage. For this reason, we must take certain preventive measures in places where static electricity is more sensitive and may cause losses, such as laying anti-static floors. So, what characteristics does electrostatic damage usually show when it causes damage?

Characteristics of electrostatic damage

1. Regarding static electricity, the concealed human body cannot directly perceive it. Even if the human body is discharged from static electricity, the human body will hardly feel the feeling of electric shock;

2. Latentness. The performance of some electronic components is not significantly reduced after being damaged by static electricity. Still, multiple cumulative discharges will cause internal damage to the device. Moreover, it will cause hidden dangers and increase the device’s sensitivity to static electricity. There is no way to solve the problems curably.

3. The generation and discharge of static electricity happen instantaneously. And it is difficult to predict and prevent.

4. Complicated electrostatic discharge damage sub-board work is time-consuming, laborious, and costly due to the fine and small structural characteristics of electronic products. More complex technologies often require the use of precision instruments such as scanning electron microscopes. Even so, there is some electrostatic damage. It is difficult to distinguish from the damage caused by other reasons, making people mistakenly regard the failure of electrostatic damage as other failures.

5. Severe ESD problems seem only to affect users of finished products. However, in fact, they also affect manufacturers at all levels.

The characteristics of static electricity damage are diverse, which allows us to have a deeper understanding of the characteristics of static electricity. In fact, regardless of the characteristics, the treatment of static electricity is the top priority. Such as laying anti-static electric floors, wearing static electricity clothing and so on.

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