The Maintenance of the Permanent PVC Conductive Tile

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About the maintenance of the permanent PVC conductive tile, do you know how to do it?

Here are some ideas by Jinhaifloor:

1. It is strictly forbidden to walk on the floor with nailed shoes to prevent the scratches.

2. Forbid to scribble hard objects and hardware on the floor. Especially people should line the plywood during the equipment transportation route and the installation of the equipment, as well as floor scratches and oil stains.

3. When complete the floor construction, don’t drag the machine and material on the floor when carrying the machine and equipment.

4. To keep the permanent PVC conductive tile work, do not wash the floor surface with corrosive solvents.

5. The production work area should wear soft sole shoes or foot covers to enter the work area to prevent dust from entering the workplace.

6. Do not contaminate the floor surface with stable penetrating ink and mechanical oil.

7. Strictly prevent heavy-duty trailers from dragging on the surface of the floor. The tires used in the trolley at the production site should avoid black rubber tires that are easy to discolor. We                recommended using nylon tires.

8. The floor surface is indeed contaminated. Clean the floor surface with gasoline, washing, and decontamination powder, and then polish the surface with anti-static wax.

9. Should clean the floor generally once a year, and then polished and treated with conductive floor wax.

permament PVC conductive tile

10. The notice of cleaning the bottom of the floor:

Usually, clean the floor of the cleanroom once every 60 days. Open the floor to clean and vacuum. Remember that non-professionals should not open the story in large pieces when working. Clean the floor. Then return to the next line of work.

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