PVC Conductive Tiles Reconstruction for Electronic Workshop

By September 4, 2020 No Comments

Our latest installation project: reconstruction the old ground of an electronic workshop into PVC conductive tiles.

Here are 7 steps we should do and the installation pictures as reference.

Step 1:

Material XYD-302 PVC conductive tiles (our popular colors xyd-601, xyd-602, xyd-611, more details, please learn at:

PVC conductive tiles

Step 2:

Clean the ground and make sure there is no dust.

clean the ground

Step 3:

Applying Conductive Adhesive. Use a serrated brush to apply a layer evenly on the ground.

conductive adhesive for esd tiles

Step 4:

Laying copper strip and vinyl tiles. Form a grid.

laying copper strip and conductive tiles

Step 5:

Opening V-shaped Groove & laying welding rod.

laying welding rod

Step 6:

Test the electronic resistance. Then check the result if it is qualified.

electronic resistance test

Step 7:

Clean the floor and apply wax protection if it is necessary.

wax protection for conductive tiles

About the installation details, please learn more at website:

Or more help, please feel free to contact us.