Remove Dust by Using Electrostatic

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The destructiveness of static electricity in manufacturing has become a well-known situation, but it is not as easy to imagine that it is necessary to accurately control static electricity. Therefore, anti-static technology has played a relatively important role in the manufacturing industry.

Electrostatic dust removal uses the action of an electrostatic field to charge the dust particles suspended in the gas and to remove the dust particles from the flue gas. This is the primary aspect of electrostatic application and can be used for flue gas dedusting in various factories. The structure of the electrostatic precipitator is to insulate the rods or the filament-shaped high-voltage discharge electrodes from each other and hang them between the grounding plate dust collecting poles or the grounding cylinder. On the axis of the dust collecting pole, a negative high voltage is applied to the high voltage discharge electrode. When the voltage of the corona end is reached, a purple light spot appears on the surface of the high voltage pole, and a sound of dust or smoke is declared together. At the time of entry, particles such as dust and smoke are directly charged by the action of negative ions, and they are adsorbed on the dust collecting electrode by the electric field and piled up, and the purified gas is extracted therefrom. The accumulated dust falls off when it hits the dust collecting pole and is eradicated.
Compared with the general centrifugal method, cleaning, filtration and other dust removal methods, electrostatic dust removal has higher dust removal efficiency, generally up to 95%, and high up to 99%. It can capture particles larger than 0.01 micron, and the size of dust removal is large, and the dust can be dry or wet. The pressure loss of the equipment is small, generally 10-20 mm water column, the maintenance is simple, the cost is less, the corrosive gas or dust can be treated, and the high temperature exhaust treatment can be performed, generally up to 350℃, and the special plan can reach 500℃. With less power consumption and a large amount of processing gas, the thermal power plant with a generating capacity of 1 million kilowatts can handle millions of meters per hour. However, with regard to equipment with a small amount of gas, the initial cost is high; for various types of dust, it is necessary to adjust the dust removal conditions. When dealing with flammable gases, it is necessary to have an explosion-proof method.

The effective use of electrostatic technology must rely on the perfect combination of electrostatic technology and processing, which in turn depends on a correct and satisfactory understanding of electrostatic technology and related processing common sense. This time we will introduce you with the most detailed and complete ESD protection technology, including all the topics you need to know, from hard science to soft science, from planning to operation, from technology to processing to provide you with unprecedented learning opportunities.