ESD Tiles

ESD vinyl tile utilizes an electrostatically conductive network, which is formed by the interface of plastic particles. It ensures permanent conductive properties of ESD tiles. The main materials of ESD tiles are polyvinyl chloride resin, conductive materials, stabilizers, plasticizers, pigments and other auxiliary materials. The pattern of a ESD tile resembles a marble pattern, it has a good decorative effect.


Size: 600*600mm, 610*610mm, 900*900mm

Thickness: 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm

Weight: 3980g/m2 (2.0mm Thickness)

Choose a Color

XYD-601 White

XYD-602 Light Grey

XYD-302 Dark Grey

XYD-603 Floral Grey

XYD-611 Light Blue

XYD-615 Grey Blue

XYD-617 Floral Light Blue

XYD-8638 Floral Blue

XYD-606 Point Grey

XYD-616 Grey

XYD-604 Dark Green

XYD-8639 Floral Green

| Application

clean room, manufacturing & assembly workshops of electronic products, hospitals, data center & computer room


| Features

Comply with all ESD control & vinyl materials’ standards

Assure a permanently conductive performance throughout the life of the product

Provide a porefree surface ensuring the highest hygiene properties

Create a unique dimensional stability and prevents shrinkage

Extremely low emissions and outgassing as the right choice for clean rooms

The surface can be fully repaired extending the useful life of the product

Provide excellent resistance to meet commercial and industrial usage

A good choice for raised access floors used in data centers and server rooms


| Technical Support

Item Standard Data
Electrical Resistance(Ω) SJ/T11236-2001 Conductive EC Dispassive SD Test Result
2.5*104-1.0*106 1.0*106-109
Dimensional(%) ISO 23999:2018 0.05 Test Report
Statiing Voltage SJ/T11236-2001 50V 100V /
Static Decay(s) GJB2605-1996 ≤2 /
Wear Resistance EN 660-2:1999 Class P Test Report
Fire Resistance EN13501-1:2007 Bfl-s1 Test Report
Radiant Flux(W/cm2) ASTM E648-2017 ≥1.1 Test Report
Slip Resistance Wet EN13893 ≥0.3 /
Residual Identation(mm) ISO 24343-1:2002 0.01 Test Report
Color Fastness ISO 105B 02 ≥6 Test Report
Chemical Products Resistance EN ISO 26987:2012 OK Test Report
Migration of Certain Elements EN 71-3:2013 OK Test Report
RoHS Directive(%) EN 62321 0.003 Test Report
TVOC After 28 Days(μg/m³) ISO 16000-3 <10 Test Report