ESD Tile Size

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Different regional standards are different, the required tiles’ sizes are also different.

The popular and standard size is 600×600mm, 900×900mm.

The American standard sizes are 12″×12″ (304.8×304.8mm), 24″×24″ (609.6×609.6mm), 36″×36″ (914.4×914.4mm).

The European standard sizes are 470.9×470.9mm, 608×608mm.

There are also other custom sizes available.

esd tile size

When the size is less than 600mm, tiles are generally installed directly instead of using welding rod. The smaller the size, the higher requirements for the dimensional stability.

The thickness of the tiles is mainly 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm. When the size reaches 900mm, the thickness is 3.0mm.

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