Commercial ESD Flooring — How They Benefit Your Business

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Every problem has a solution. Likewise, your commercial floor that emits electro-discharge on facing multiple frictions also has a solution. ESD, short for Electrostatic discharge, is a phenomenon that happens due to friction between two objects which releases after coming in contact with another object. Your commercial ESD flooring is prone to such types of phenomenons as they experience maximum friction.

Commercial ESD flooring is the solution that helps you overcome this problem. ESD vinyl flooring is the best alternative to avoid static discharge and further prevent electricity-related issues.  

How electronic static discharge vinyl flooring works? 

ESD vinyl flooring is effective in various respects. By utilizing a conductive network, these Vinyl tiles keep a firm grip over the conductive properties of vinyl tiles. These tiles apply an electrostatic network made of plastic interfaces, which is homogeneous in nature. Apart from flexibility, there are numerous other benefits. ESD vinyl flooring comprises material conductive granules that deploy anti-static properties in the vinyl flooring. This flooring also enhances the life of the floor and further keeps the electrical conductivity safe.  More than anything else, commercial ESD flooring is waterproof, corrosion-free, and of course fire-resistant. 

commercial ESD flooring

Where to apply commercial ESD flooring?

Well, ESD flooring or tiles are useful in various industries. However, some of them require the mandated use of ESD flooring. As the IT industry deploys numerous technical equipment and instruments, electro-static discharge is quite common. Application of ESD flooring in the electronics industry will benefit your business by safeguarding your equipment. As static discharge can be as lethal as explosions and major short circuits, if you don’t want to risk lives, then better get ESD vinyl tiles in your space. Other than this, here are some of the industries, where you need to apply commercial ESD flooring

  1. Electronics Industry: The manufacturing units including assembly areas, clean rooms, and inspection labs require commercial ESD flooring.
  2. Aerospace Industry: The aerospace industry requires ESD vinyl flooring in assembly areas and cleaning rooms.
  3. Pharma Industry: The flooring should be added to R&D departments. 
  4. Automobile Industry: The ESD flooring is required to be added in chip manufacturing and other production areas.
  5. Manufacturing Units: Other general manufacturing areas will also require you to deploy ESD vinyl flooring.

Why need ESD flooring?

Well,  there are many more reasons why ESD flooring is highly suitable for businesses. Here are some of the points to be noted. 

  • Prevent Device Failure: As the normal floors are highly conductive, an ESD event would pass the static charge from one space to another. Even a micro-ray can disrupt the technical infrastructure and further affect the devices. These devices could be microchips, circuits, and machines. 
  • Prevent Fire: ESD phenomenon can attract fires, develop light-heat, or even produce major sounds that can be devastating. 
  • Ensure Safety in Chemical Organizations: ESD flooring in bio-industries avoid the transfer of energy from volatile chemicals to cause massive damage. 

Well, there can be more reasons to deploy ESD flooring, however, the best one is to encourage eco-friendliness. As commercial ESD flooring is made of environmental-friendly material, the environment will be safe and secure.  Especially in healthcare centers, these floorings offer extensive benefits. These floorings are suitable and lasting. So, book your installation now!