Renowned for our experience, quality and engineering, Jinhai Floor has become the partners of many world-famous brands, provide OEM service such as products customization, quality control, patent protection, stock support, etc.

As the leading ESD flooring manufacturer, Jinhai Floor offers distribution and installation capabilities in China. We are the appointed supplier of many government departments, large multinational groups, supply & install vinyl flooring materials for their projects in China.

Company Name: Samsung Electronics

Company Type: Korea Funded

Partial Project Name:
Suzhou Factory(120,000 Square Meters)
Tianjing Factory(90,000 Square Meters)
Thai Nguyen, Vietnam Factory(150,000 Square Meters)
Nodia, India Factory(140,000 Square Meters)

Company Name: BOE Technology

Company Type: China Funded

Partial Project Name:
Hefei Factory(110,000 Square Meters)
Beijing Factory(100,000 Square Meters)
Chongqing Factory(130,000 Square Meters)
Chengdu Factory(90,000 Square Meters)

Company Name: Foxconn Technology

Company Type: Taiwan, China Funded

Partial Project Name:
Shenzhen Headquarters(230,000 Square Meters)
Wuhan Factory(180,000 Square Meters)
Weihai Factory(160,000 Square Meters)

Company Name: Sharp Electronics

Company Type: Japan Funded

Partial Project Name:
Shanghai Factory(30,000 Square Meters)
Nanjing Factory(280,000 Square Meters)

Company Name: 3M China Factory

Company Type: US Funded

Area: 150,000 Square Meters

Project Name: Flex Suzhou Factory

Company Type: Singapore Funded

Area: 50,000 Square Meters

Project Name: Janssen Pharmaceuticals Xi’an Factory

Company Type: US Funded

Area: 24,000 Square Meters

Project Name: Memsic Inc Wuxi Factory

Company Type: US Funded

Area: 360,000 Square Meters

Company Name: Vero/Huiya Aluminum Raised Floor

Company Type: Taiwan, China Funded

Quantity: 1,200,000 Square Meters Per Year

Project Name: ESD / Clean Room Projects

Company Type: Contact Our Sales For Local Distributors’ Info

Quantity 3,000,000 Square Meters Per Year