Antistatic Tile for Electronic Parts Laboratories

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New project finished installation at the beginning of June with our Jinhai flooring. (Feedback by our Korea clients).
This is the process of installing antistatic floor tiles for electronic parts handling factories and laboratories. Project areas about 220m2.

Here are the steps of the installation as reference:
Step 1:
Clean the construction site:
Electronic Parts Lab

Spread the conductive adhesive evenly on the floor and cure for 10 to 20 minutes.

Wait for the adhesion to rise.
Conductive Glue

Glue the tiles, and put copper strips inside the antistatic tiles to ground.
copper strips and esd tile

Use a tile V-shaped cutter, cut about 2/3 of the floor to open V-Shaped groove.
V-Shaped groove for floor

Laying welding rods
lay welding rods

Test electronic resistance
test electronic resistance
Welcome to visit this link about electronic resistance test:

Step 7:
Remove the dust on the installed antistatic tile and cover it with conductive wax
wax the antistatic tiles

About detailed installation, welcome to visit this video:
Should you have any question about installation or the antistatic tiles, please feel free to contact us.
different size of esd tile