Company origin

In 1992, originated in Xueyan (means Swan) Town, Changzhou city, Jinhai started the first ESD floor manufacturer in China. Since we were born, we’ve been focusing on ESD flooring and anti-static flooring. Our brand “Swanflor” is the leading domain brand in China.

Changzhou Jinhai Anti-static Floor Co.,Ltd
jinhai esd viny tiles

Our products range

Jinhai Floor specializes in ESD Flooring, main products include ESD vinyl tiles, ESD vinyl sheet. We are the earliest manufacturer in this industry in China. Now Jinhai ESD floor manufacturer is the leader in both in terms of quality and output.

Our factory has passed ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 certification. Our products our products have passed FloorScore, CE certification.

Our manufacturing

Since 2000’, more and more world-famous flooring companies come to us, and set us as OEM of their ESD flooring products.

We keep doing extensive R&D in order to meet the industry demands and being future-ready. Now we Jinhai ESD floor factory own 3 production lines. Most production process are designed automatically and independently. One day can produce 20,000sqm ESD flooring.

Swanflor Industry Zone

Our mission

We know very few things, but we know a lot about ESD flooring.

As a vinyl flooring enterprise, sustainable development of resources is our foundation. Assume the social responsibility, respect environment, and no waste.

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